A team of tradies.


Our purpose is to Empower your Future, our niche is personalized service.

"I have been operating as an electrician for over a decade now.  I've seen the good and bad of several businesses attempts to offer customer service.  This led me to creating a business with my own vision."

Business is not about completing transactions for money in order to retire...  For me personally, it's about providing a service in a way that you feel it should be done.  We operate in a "buy and sell" industry where I identified a gap in the way the clients were being treated.

Our original business model as Spectrum EM, focuses on energy management.  After watching many solar owners being treated on a level we felt was inappropriate, we took the necessary leap to develop our own retail brand SEM Solar.  

Kain & Jack specialize in commercia,l electrical applications, Ryan operates in multiple areas including refrigeration and I am the technical brains behind the Solar & Storage design work.  

SEM Solar stands for all electricity consumers, both home and business.
As we push to create a list of clientele on first name basis, we hope to grow and develop a wider friendship circle on each and every project.