Fronius - Reconfigure Network

A 'HOW TO' from Fronius tech to re configure a new network connection.

The short version

1) De-activate wifi on your device, also disconnect any LAN line from your router.
HANDY HINT. Press the [back] button on the inverter to reach the HOUSE icon.
- 3rd button from the left.
2) Activate Hot-spot (Inverter display)
3) Find the inverter hot-spot on your computer/tablet 'available networks'.
4) Connect to Fronius hotspot (240.xxxx)   PASSWORD: 12345678
    *will still show no internet connection

5) Type in IP address: in your device search bar

6) Once page loads, select SETTINGS on right hand side
7) Then NETWORK SETTINGS found on the left of the new screen

8) Select desired network and select [SET]...
9) Input PASSWORD *case sensitive
10) REMEMBER... you must then select the [tick] box at the top right corner to confirm settings.

Lloyd Stokes