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Who has ever purchased tiles for their bathroom, or paving for a pool area?

This is the analogy I use to create a paradigm shift on many peoples’ views about purchasing solar.
You may just find this article turns on the light bulb for you too.

When dealing with tiling or paving, we can break it down in two parts.

1. Purchasing a product, based on price and quality.. this is the retail purchase.

2. Selecting a tradesperson to complete the work which stems from good reviews and past projects.

Many people looking to buy solar only consider the first step.  The first time we purchased a solar system, I had a pre misconception of the retailer we selected.  I knew the product was good and they had a sound reputation, at that time I thought they were installing the system for me.

We had an unknown sub-contractor fit our system, to which I discovered had cut corners.  I only became aware of this after beginning my studies on solar.

When purchasing a solar system it is wise to not only consider the retailer you are dealing with, but who is the installer completing the work.  Have they got any clients you can speak to?  Are there installations you can look at?  These are the same questions we ask when selecting a tiler or paver.

If you’re considering a solar investment, try to not only look at product and price.  Try to consider the workmanship involved and how that will affect the end result.


 Trust me... I see this crap a lot.

Trust me... I see this crap a lot.