Lloyd Stokes
Founder & Managing Director
Spectrum EM


I am the developer of SEM Solar and have spent over a decade in the electrical industry working in multiple specialised areas.  Our field experience ranges from general domestic installations, through to Programmable Logic Control, right up to electrical rigging on large industrial mining sites.  This extensive range of roles has allowed us to develop our own method of client interaction.  We have seen the good and bad in many businesses and use that to our advantage, to push the best of each aspect.

As a tech nerd in my youth, I developed a passion for the electrical industry.  I have always wanted to have a positive impact and leave the planet in a better position for my children.  Solar was the obvious direction for my growth as an electrician and I am excited by the positives this field can have on our environment.

Reducing our carbon footprint is just the beginning of what solar can do for the planet and is a key stepping stone to reducing our need for fossil fuels.